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For traditional employers, each must satisfy its own requirement based upon the number of employees it has in the company in conjunction with all of the rules contained within the ACA.

BH Benefits utilizes its years of experience and offers a wide variety of benefit solutions for salaried and full time hourly workers that are compliant, affordable and sustainable. Our network and personal relationship with the nation’s top carriers affords many opportunities to our clients.

We believe that a well-engineered and responsive plan design leads to more sustainable outcomes. A holistic approach to benefits planning provides a balanced and prioritized benefit program. Calibrating various plan design factors to accommodate and reflect the appropriate levels of risk retention, risk sharing and risk transfer will drive better outcomes, better behavior and ultimately a better workplace.

We even offer ACA compliant benefits for part time employees as well, and recognize that employers are concerned about the employee’s individual mandate. 

Hourly & Salaried